The CampMC Rules

There are some cases where we may allow spamming due to game purchases or special events. However on a normal basis, repeating the same phrase, flooding chat, repeat or random
characters, writing gibberish is not allowed. Anyone found breaking this rule will find themselves muted.

No Hacking/Cracked Clients, Cheats, Hacks, etc.
Using any of the above or any program that gives you any cheated advantage and modifies your game in any way will result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, Dosing,
Doxing, threats of the previous mentions, and/or Swatting.

No Glitching or uses of Exploits
Any glitch or exploit must be reported to a staff member immediately. Anyone found abusing a glitch and/or exploit will be banned from the server and asked to make an appeal.

TP Trolling:
Anyone found harassing or repeatedly trolling someone despite being asked to stop will be punished accordingly in order to keep the server as enjoyable as possible. However, we are
holding players somewhat responsible for accepting a TP from someone they don't trust, so be careful who you teleport to!

Scamming other players will not be tolerated on the server. Make sure to take screenshots of the trades you're making to protect yourself against scams. Also, make good use of /trade
to make sure you're happy with what you're trading for.

Account Security:
Please make sure that your Discord accounts remain secure and only accessible by yourself. You will be held accountable for any members using The Camp MC Discord or playing on The
CampMC Server under your account inappropriately. That being said, we do ask that you make sure your account is secure, and that you are not left logged in on another person(s) device.
Those who hold a staff rank, are to have the two-step verification tool enabled on discord at all times.

Advertising YouTube Content:
The only members who should be showcasing YouTube related content on this Discord are official YouTube partners. Advertising your streams in-game is allowed by stating your streaming
platform and username, but please do not share/post any links.
Advertising a different Minecraft server will result in an immediate ban.

File Sharing (Direct Uploads):
Only Images should ever be directly uploaded to the Discord. Any unknown files that you upload will be treated as a malicious intent to the community and will be removed immediately.
If you have something that you would like to upload that will benefit the community, please let a Moderator know for review. All files shared need to follow community guidelines, and
overall be appropriate. Anyone found sending out malicious images / files on the server will be permanently banned.

Help Channels:
Please do not spam help on support related channels. These channels are to be strictly used for questions and concerns regarding ones account on our community platforms.

Language Barrier:
Being a public server, we welcome players across the world to come to join in on the fun. We wholeheartedly understand that a variety of you all may speak different languages, however,
The CampMC resides in North America and thus prefers English to be the primary spoken language. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to further your discussions in private chats
so that staff may continue to moderate our server platforms as needed. Considering not everyone on the staffing team speaks languages outside of English, we do enforce this rule so
that we can continue to monitor the well being of our community.

Link / URL sharing:
We ask that you please keep any and all links shared within this Discord appropriate and free of any harmful content that we would not deem to be PG. Members of the community found
sharing inappropriate or malicious URLs, will be removed from the Discord without question. Depending on the type of URL shared, we hold the right to further remove you from accessing
our community forums and/or Server.

Punishment Related Concerns:
We do not discuss any server, forum or discord related punishments on Discord itself. If you have recently been punished, or are attempting to fight a 'wrongful' punishments, it will
need to be handled on The CampMC official forums only. Those who are found spamming, tagging or causing issues in chat regarding their punishments will be removed, or muted depending
on the severity and have their punishment appeal overlooked.

Respecting Community Members:
Please remain respectful when speaking in the Discord channels. We would like to keep this community free of disrespectful and inappropriate behaviors. Please be aware of how you are
treating one another, speak kindly to each other and keep inappropriate language to a minimum. A large sum of our users are young children / adults, and we would like to keep our
services professional. General community banter is fine, but please be aware of how you are acting and what you are saying when speaking in this Discord. Discrimination, Harassment,
Toxicity, and so forth will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity, you will be verbally warned or removed permanently from the community.

To follow through with in game procedures, we will not be allowing the advertising of selling / trading server related goods for IRL or other community material. Anyone that is found
selling or attempting to trade off The CampMC specific resources for IRL related goods will be removed from the Discord permanently. This also goes for anyone soliciting materials from
other third party providers for IRL goods and services.

Staff Impersonation:
Please do not pretend to be a staff member to whom is associated with the The CampMC network for any means. If you see that someone may need help, or that a situation is occurring that
you may not be able to resolve on your own, you may contact an official Moderator, or Admin for further assistance.

Inappropriate Language:
Our goal is to maintain a safe and friendly environment on our network, in order to do so we ask that all members refrain from using curse words as much as possible. Little things like
"wtf" are okay but excessive use of hateful and hurtful language will not be allowed and will result in a verbal warning or a mute depending on the severity of the language used. This
server aims to be a safe and fun place for all ages, so any inappropriate language or symbols also applies to playernames, skins, capes, camp names, builds, etc.

Behavior in Voice Channels:
When joining and using our Voice Channels, we ask that everyone refrain from screaming, blasting music through microphone, or any use of voice changers. These can be annoying to our
general members and disruptive.

No Bypassing Mute/Ban
Anyone found using an alt account to bypass any punishments will be banned and will immensely hurt any chances of being unbanned again.

Racism, Discrimination, Swearing, Sexual, and Derogatory terms and remarks will not be allowed
This server is meant to be very kid-friendly and any use of the above-mentioned is not welcome. Any form of threat, discrimination, or attempt to obtain another's personal information
will not be tolerated on this server. Anyone found doing such things will be removed from the network immediately.


Anyone found breaking any of these rules will be warned when applicable and punished accordingly.
Any and all of these rules and punishments can change or be added to at the discretion of the Admin team at any time.
Attempting to avoid punishments by any means will result in being removed from the server completely. This will also severely lower your chances of being unbanned.

If you find that someone is breaking a rule or avoiding punishment, please reach out to us using the Player Report Sections on either Discord or our Forums.