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    Story Time

    then he got a dog
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    i think a king of the hill event would be cool like twice a day where they a camp has to stay on the podium thingy for 10 minutes and when they get the 10min they get like a mega key maybe or ultra key or somthing
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    Pvp aspect minigame, for Skyblock

    thats not really a server feature suggestion
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    the camp tokens you get from village chests cant make mythic tokens and its really annoying cuz the only way to get mythic's now is by crates
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    Story Time

    but he rubbed syrup all over him
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    d days

    please lower the doomsdays this ssn to like 3 or 4. last ssn it was just too easy to win cuz their was just too many d days,
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    i think it wud be cool if like you added /title or /tag so they could have a custom prefix they can get from crates or from the store
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    new mini games

    I Second This Notion
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    new mini games

    i wuid personally like tnt games like tnt tag, tnt run etc :D
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    Camp Siteguy Recruitment

    very sus i dont trust this cal guy
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    yea but i cant get it on my pc and im tryna get it on my phone. i go to the forums on my phone and the thingy for the discord isnt there so i need halp
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    so i think discord is finally working for me so whats the camp discord?
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    Story Time

    then he had an explosive fart
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    so... howslife? im so bored
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    so when i was jailed i did /duel just to see if it worked and it allowed me to. it also allowed me to send it. i sent it to my alt just to see if it worked and it did. idk if u can leave jail by doing it but, yea just to let u know it might be a way out of jail
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    Camp Monkey Recruitment

    mlg i need a friend. can u be mine ? and victal scares me. he gives me a glare which makes me scared
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    i think fishing is broken because i have a mega cluescroll and i have to fish up 17 salmon. i fish up one and it doesnt change anything on the cluescroll. i had to fish up 59 salmon which took hours for 17 to register on the clue scroll
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    will coinflip ever come back to camps? i miss it. its fun.
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    Team Duels

    i second this notion
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