1. TBNRKnight


    What is ur ign? Also could you please make a bug report ticket on the discord so that a snr mod+ can help you get out.
  2. TBNRKnight

    vote keys

    There is something similar to this right now, right now u get votepoints which u can use in /voteshop u buy super keys
  3. TBNRKnight

    Better Item's/Instant item recover

    We can not instant recover something as the staff team have to do things outside of the game as well
  4. TBNRKnight


    If u look up at the top right u can join it
  5. TBNRKnight

    Camp joining issue

    Pls make a bugs report on here or on the discord
  6. TBNRKnight

    claim issue

    If someone did this pls make a item recovery post and put screenshots that show that the chests u had were in ur claim and then screenshots of the items u lost in the chests.
  7. TBNRKnight

    Island Value Tips (Skyblock)

    Mine a few of the blocks then replace them and then stay online and it will slowly update.
  8. TBNRKnight

    Pleese let me join bt hunter i am team budies

    If ur referring to the server its self the IP is "TheCampMC.com" and u need to join in 1.16.5 Java. If ur referring to a camp good luck.
  9. TBNRKnight


    The Admin+ do and there is not eta on how long they take
  10. TBNRKnight


    If u want to have a chance of getting unperm muted pls go make a ban appeal on the ban appeal section of the forums.
  11. TBNRKnight

    Story Time

    where he will
  12. TBNRKnight

    Disappeared farmer

    Make a item recovery on that section of the forums pls with a screenshot of where it was placed
  13. TBNRKnight

    my island value is bork

    After each reboot you have to give it time for it to update back up,
  14. TBNRKnight

    camp land unclaimed

    NilsVW to get ur beacon back u have to do ./camp disban or ./camp delete. and then remake the camp
  15. TBNRKnight


    You are reasonable for whatever happens on your account. But, if you wish to be unbanned go to the ban appeal section of the forums and make a ban appeal.
  16. TBNRKnight


    Just bc one person does it does not mean you should do it as well. You are now jailed for 12hrs and do not do so again!
  17. TBNRKnight

    spawn glitch

    If u are referring to skyblock spawn we are aware of that issue. If u have screenshots of the items u lost pls make a item recovery post on the item recovery section of the fourms
  18. TBNRKnight

    False Ban

    Which isn't allowed u have to be mainly clicking the mouse. If u wish to make ban appeal pls do so in the ban appeals section of the fourms
  19. TBNRKnight


    Apone joining any Minecraft server it is the players reasonability to read the rules and understand/ask questions about them.
  20. TBNRKnight

    pls tell me

    Yesterday it was because of none condense msgs which caused spam, today because of spam.