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    i feel like soulbounds need to be changed because theres no point to fighting anmymore. if say a camp fights another camp its just endless fighting with no actual gain because if they die they lose nothing and can just do /back which makes everything just pointless
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    i think a king of the hill event would be cool like twice a day where they a camp has to stay on the podium thingy for 10 minutes and when they get the 10min they get like a mega key maybe or ultra key or somthing
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    the camp tokens you get from village chests cant make mythic tokens and its really annoying cuz the only way to get mythic's now is by crates
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    d days

    please lower the doomsdays this ssn to like 3 or 4. last ssn it was just too easy to win cuz their was just too many d days,
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    i think it wud be cool if like you added /title or /tag so they could have a custom prefix they can get from crates or from the store
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    so i think discord is finally working for me so whats the camp discord?
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    so... howslife? im so bored
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    so when i was jailed i did /duel just to see if it worked and it allowed me to. it also allowed me to send it. i sent it to my alt just to see if it worked and it did. idk if u can leave jail by doing it but, yea just to let u know it might be a way out of jail
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    i think fishing is broken because i have a mega cluescroll and i have to fish up 17 salmon. i fish up one and it doesnt change anything on the cluescroll. i had to fish up 59 salmon which took hours for 17 to register on the clue scroll
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    will coinflip ever come back to camps? i miss it. its fun.
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    im getting alot of different answers for this. but do reinforced and valor on camps stack:? like can i put the mon multiple pieces of armor and they all work
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    can u add like like /timeplayedtop cuz im rlly wanna see whos played for the longest. thanks
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    duels r bugged for me. i wudve put this in disc on bug reports but i dont have disc. i do /endbattle it says i cant do commands in a duel. i do /duel leave it says the same. i do /duelleave and it says i cannot leavei n a game
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    add /camp info

    please add /camp info (name) so people can see who the leader of the camp is, whos in the camp, what their value is etc. thanks
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    im just wondering if theres anyway to get un-perm muted like for good behaviour or somthing pplease tell me if there is cuz i will do anything
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    when i try to duel someone it just says im in another gamemode. ive relogged. reset my computer. done /duel leave etc. nothings working.
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    Class LeaderBoards

    i think it wud be nice to add say /BerserkerTop , /SentinalTop etc. so people can see what the top person is. thankks
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    i was jailed on camp because i spawned about 3 chickens which i didnt know was not allowd. im sorry i wont do it again. i swear i didnt know. there was also about 20 more people doing it and who spawned about 50 eggs.
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    Island Warps

    I think you guys should add [warp]. u say [warp] in chat and it will come up with in blue like Click here to teleport to (name) island. it would be cool and i would like it. thanks <3
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    White Dye In Dye SHop

    please add white dye to the dye shop. fsr its not there and idk why