1. SelinaTL

    Camp Season 6 Dungeon Guide!

    Fire Island Volcano Boss Mechanics: Level 1: Burned Explorer Skills: Ignite: Set’s target on fire for a short period of time. Level 2: Magma Boss Skills: Multiply: Makes smaller versions of itself that when killed hurts the main cube. Level 3: Ifrit Skills: Fire Wall: Rapidly shoots...
  2. SelinaTL

    Season 5 Release of Camp!

    CAMPMC SEASON 5 PATCH NOTES Material Qualities -> Custom Ores! Adventure PvP Zone - Name in progress Loot Drops Crafting with these new Ores Gemstones /Menu Pets/Mounts Class Changes Other Mentions What are our intentions for the future?I wanted to end this with a small...
  3. SelinaTL

    === CAMP SEASON 3 RELEASE!!! ===

    After an extended amount of time working, testing, and more working, we're finally here to announce that Camp has reopened for Season 3!!! As revealed at the end of the last season, and throughout the weeks leading up to this, this season we focused on reworking COMBAT for the Camp server. If...
  4. SelinaTL

    Doomsday Event Details (Scheduled Jan 9th and 10th!)

    As we announced at the end of last year, Doomsday is scheduled to happen on January 9th and 10th. We will be running 4 SEPARATE events at different time intervals to allow for as many players to participate as possible. The start times will go as follows: - Jan 9th : 7:00 AM (EST) - Jan 9th ...
  5. SelinaTL

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!!

    After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday! That's right! The CampMC Store will be experiencing a 50% OFF SALE from now till 11:59pm EST on Monday. Get those ranks, keys, cosmetics, and last-minute preparations for Doomsday you've been meaning to get while the sale lasts!
  6. SelinaTL

    Welcome to The CampMC Forums!

    Hey, Campers! Welcome to the new Forums for The CampMC! The forums can be used for a wide variety of things, here are some of the most notable ones; The Camp Recruitment Section is a place where players can make posts when they're looking for new Camp Members to recruit! The Server Feature...