After an extended amount of time working, testing, and more working, we're finally here to announce that Camp has reopened for Season 3!!!

As revealed at the end of the last season, and throughout the weeks leading up to this, this season we focused on reworking COMBAT for the Camp server.

If you want a quick overview of the updates, you can watch our short update video here:

For a detailed list of written changes, look below, or in the #patch-notes of our discord which you can join here.

>> Introduction of 5 classes: Assassin, Blade Master, Marksman, Sentinel, Berserker. Each class has positive and negative effects to certain stats.
- Levelling up your class grants your player 'skill points' which can be used to level up specific attributes. Points and level are specific to each class you play.
- Classes have weapon types they can or cannot use. Listed in both the class description and item lores.
- Each class also has a unique passive effect that triggers upon striking an opponent.
- /class allows you to switch between classes, but require a 'class-point' to switch.
- /attributes brings up the attribute menu where you can apply skill points.
- /profile brings up a general overlook of your stats and class level.
- You gain class experience by fighting mobs. Different mobs give different amounts of EXP. (This is different to vanilla experience) Additional methods to gain experience to be added in future updates.
- Max Level of a single class is level 100. Each class is levelled individual though, which means you can level up multiple classes to be ready for different situations. You don’t lose progress on a class if you switch.

>> The number of villages has been reduced to 5. One themed around each class.
- Villages have gained a wider safe zone that includes the warp location and shops. However, you will not be able to enter this safe zone if you are actively in combat. (Loot Chests are usually not within these safe areas)
- Unlocking warps is now free, but using them requires this new resource called Stellium. A stamina-like system that regenerates over time and therefore limits the amount of times you can warp back to a village in quick succession. add a hologram marker
- Shops within the villages have been adjusted to have items/enchants that focus on the Class the village is based on.
- Loots have had pre-built weapons removed, cooldowns lowered (3h >> 1h), and loot chances adjusted to allow for better loot drops more often.
- Iron Pickaxe has a class level requirement of 15
- You will not be able to craft anything more than a ‘fragile’ diamond tool or armor in a regular crafting table. Villages will have a special blacksmith that will forge their full quality version. This applies to Diamond Armor, Diamond Axe, and Diamond Sword.
- You will not be able to craft Shields in your personal crafting bench, they will be craftable within a certain Village Blacksmith as well.
- The OP tools and weapons traders have been removed from spawn and a selection of their items have been made craftable through Village Blacksmiths
- Spawners are silk-touchable once again. However, the monsters that spawn from the spawners at villages grant a lot more class experience than those you can purchase or mine naturally.

>> Additional Combat Tweaks
- Added item cooldowns for Ender Pearls, Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples, Tridents and Fireworks
- Removed certain Custom Enchants from being available due to the new class and attribute system taking priority.
- Swords and Axes have gained a cleave passive effect that deals a cone of damage behind your initial target. We want to add more unique weapon types for certain classes in future seasons.
- An additional ‘special crit’, indicated by a splash of white particles, is achievable by increasing your crit rate. Assassin and Marksman classes use this the most and can deal a large amount of bonus damage with it.
- Removed Combat Based MCMMO stats for a similar reason as the Custom Enchants
- Invisibility has been adjusted to hide everything except for boots and your main hand. This is to buff Assassin’s passive ability. Hitting an invisible person will remove their invisibility.

>> Custom Enchant Changes
>> Shuffle changed from Simple tier to Legendary Tier Enchant
>> Following Enchants have been removed for this season:

> Etheral
Anti Gravity
Undead Ruse
Extreme Insanity
Mighty Cleave
Atomic Detonate
Deep Bleed

This does not mean that all these enchants will never be returning, however, we wanted to have a better baseline that the class differences and choice in where you allocate your stat points would matter for this season.

>> Miscellaneous Changes
- Achievements that previously gave you Swords MCMMO experience now grant you class levels.
- Key Shards have been removed from the loots and Meteors will not appear. This feature is something we want to improve upon before reimplemented.
- We’ve regiven the set home command however prevented /sethome within villages and camp claims. You are also only able to set 1 total home regardless of rank this season.
- Some changes have been made to the online webstore regarding ranks. Anyone that had a rank that doesn’t exist anymore, has been moved up to compensate for this change. (Anyone with Paladin got Lord, anyone with Noble got Champion, and anyone with Superstar got God.