Hello Campers,

So today's maintenance was a huge one so first we're sorry it took so long, but everyone should see some major improvements and changes. So lets start listing some of those out!

To start, everyone thank our new server sponsor Apex Hosting


Thanks to them all of our server hardware has gotten some MAJOR upgrades. Without going into major details and boring people, this will help performance on the server providing less lag and lower ping for everyone! We will be updating our site and providing more info for people if you want to pick up your own server from them just like we did later, so keep an eye out!

Next up is the first thing you'll see when logging back on the server. We've added in our own hub server, so when you log in, now you'll need to use the "server selector" to choose the server you want to play on, this is to prepare for something else coming soon to our network, check it out!

Next, if you've been around since we first opened you might know we used to have a scoreboard on the sidebar to display some helpful info, well it's now back and better than ever. If was first removed due to causing lag issues on the server but fingers crossed we've ironed out all the glitches and can now keep it around! If for some reason you don't want to display the sidebar you can use the command "/sb" to toggle it on and off.


Next is the new Auction house! You might have seen this somewhere before so I won't bore you with ever aspect of it, but the issue of spanner, enchants, and everything else losing data should now be resolved!


Last thing worth mentioning is the info about the end of the season Doomsday. This has been a very long season and we appreciate everyone hanging in there as we worked out a lot of issues from last season (and the next season is going to be even better!). We didn't want to end with a bad doomsday like last time, and tbh we're still working on how we want to address it. To start, we are now setting a date on Doomsday to be the weekend of Jan the 9th! This date was chosen so that it doesn't effect peoples holiday plans for both players and staff so no one will have to miss it.

Our hope with doomsday is to take it off of everyone bases they've been building and instead of the fight taken to a new world! While we've got big plans on a game style on how doomsday will work, it's sill in development as like i said we don't want a repeat of the last doomsday. So what we're going to do this time on Jan 9th is to host multiple UHC events in a battlegrounds world, you'll be able to hang onto all your gear from your camp season and keep inventory will be on! Everyone will be able to take place in as many UHC events as they can unless you win the event! Each wining camp of a UHC event will also win a prize for the new season!

I know this is a lot of information to digest, our staff will be available to answer questions as we can and as we get closer to the date we'll be making a more specific Doomsday post for all info.

ok, i think that's everything for now, thanks for hanging in there for all this writing! We hope everyone is just as excited with everything as we are and I'll see you on the server!



I personally like this idea better. Though will pv's be accessible and for new players will there be different rankings or just anyone can join no matter the gear?