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This camp season was very unenjoyable, Some of the classes were overpowered and some not buffed enough (EX-Marksman Class- I don't think a single person used this class). The way Doomsday operated this season was scuffed and none of the smaller camps had a chance compared to last season's rules. Allied camps were still teaming in Doomsdays (were MCMMO parties active or not?) Maybe putting a cap on the amount of points allowed to camp could have made this season more enjoyable for the majority of the server. If you look at the way the leaderboard ended up it is pretty mind blowing the difference in scores. My suggestion would be going back to the old rules... or capping the point limit, also, buffing and trying to make classes more even across the board. I did enjoy the custom ores aspect and the pets (but pets couldn't be used really either).

Fire Rising

Thank you for the suggestions, admins+ will be adding new features to season 6 including balancing of classes (which take a while to balance) and looking into other dday events.