Material Qualities -> Custom Ores!

>> We have heard your feedback regarding the Material quality system of season 4 right from the start, and honestly, we weren’t entirely happy with the way it was released either. The idea was to attempt to create more things to collect, while extending the content for players to get done during a season, instead of all in week 1. Hopefully with this change, this is a better picture of the direction we intend to go moving forward. >> Beyond Netherite, we have added 7 new custom ore materials for you to find. These, in order, being Aetherite, Solarite, Valorate, Nebulate, Empyriate, and Divinium/Galactium. - This list also represents which pickaxe you need to collect the following ore. (Needing an Aetherite Pickaxe to mine Solarite, etc). >> Vanilla ores have had their Fortune and Silk touch functionality returned. However, any ores that are silk touched cannot be placed down. >> The Recipes to turn these ores into ingots can be found in the /menu under Recipe Book. >> We have also added 3 new wood types used for higher tiered tools and weapons; Cedar, Willow and Sakura. >> These ores and new wood types can only be found in the Adventure PvP Zone, refreshing on an individual 30 minute timer.


Adventure PvP Zone - Name in progress
>> We’ve added an entirely second world to the server. Accessed from a portal at spawn, or through your waypoints once you’ve unlocked them. >> PVP IS COMPLETELY DISABLED WITHIN THE SURVIVAL OVERWORLD. Meaning as you are working on your camp, you will be completely protected at all times. The Nether and Adventure PvP worlds will be the main places you will be at risk of getting attacked. >> In this world, you will find the new custom ores scattered on the surface in specific zones, or in gem spike caves deep underground. The new wood types will also be in their specific areas. >> You cannot break blocks in this world apart from these custom ores and wood.

>> The Villages and Obelisks have also been moved out of the main survival world and into this adventure world. With additional side villages scattered around for future quest content. >> Village grinders will no longer grant increased class experience, and the village pvp safezone has been extended to cover the entire village. >> Obelisk pvp safezones remain the same as they were last season. However, the class experience given by Blazes has been changed from roughly 100 >> 250 >> Spawn and village quests make their return this season. Offering daily quests for you to complete.

Loot Drops

>> Loot drops will fall from the sky around players that are in the adventure zone. These replace the Village Loots present in the last season. >> They attempt to spawn every 30 minutes, and contain loot bags that you can open by right clicking.

Crafting with these new Ores
>> All weapon types, including non-vanilla ones such as daggers and scythes, have a variant for each ore. Which can be crafted at village blacksmiths. >> The stats of the item you are crafting ARE affected by the level of the person crafting them. Meaning that someone who is level 200, will craft a stronger version than a person crafting the same item who is level 180. >> There is also a small random range that the stats can fluctuate upon crafting. Which is different each time you craft it. So you should make sure you craft a weapon multiple times to get the absolute best stats for Doomsday!

>> There are 6 different Gemstone variants. Each with their own set of stats | > Ruby | Crit Strike Chance and Projectile Damage Reduction > Peridot | Weapon Damage and Additional Class Experience > Sapphire | Dodge chance and Max Health > Obsidian | Armor and Knockback Resistance > Amethyst | Attack Speed and Movement Speed > Class | Applies abilities to certain weapons unique to the respective class > These gemstones can be applied to any weapon that contains the gemstone that matches the provided slot. > While currently still in development, these Gemstones will be found in the new dungeons coming out later this season. You will be able to upgrade these Gemstones at spawn. Square being the lowest level and Octagonal being the highest. > You can remove gemstones from a weapon by purchasing a Gemstone Remover from a village trader.

>> There is a new command you can access by doing /menu. >> This menu includes mostly quality of life additions. Such as a simple menu to access the shop, your stats, auction house, the custom recipe book and /camp.

>> Almost all mobs can now be tamed and ridden as mounts across the map! >> Tame them by lowering their health and left clicking with a lead. Using /petcapturehelper can help you visually see when the mob is low enough health. >> Using a Saddle, you can then immediately use them as a mount! >> Left click your new pet with another Lead to view its stats, and what food it likes. You will need to keep your pet’s hunger up to keep it running fast and health full. >> Smaller mobs will be faster but have less health, larger mobs will have higher health but don’t move as fast!

Class Changes
>> Increase in base health for all classes. >> Ascending now keeps your stat points and level where they are and raises your max level to level 200. This should make things a bit more linear and give players who have just ascended and easier time continuing their progress. >> Class level up experience has been lowered drastically across all levels of play. >> Lowered Crit multiplier for the start of this season. >> Armor gives a “defense” stat over an “Armor” stat. “Armor” is applied based on your stat points, gemstones, and class.

Other Mentions
>> Custom enchants have been completely removed from camp in favor of weapon abilities and gemstone additions. >> Soul Binding | Finding a soul binder in loot drops or Village traders can allow you to bind your gear to your own player. This will prevent it from being lost upon death, as well as cause anyone who tries to use it to take damage until they use a Soul crusher. The higher the level of the Soul bind, the more damage taken. >> Stellium now displays in the hotbar. >> Obelisks have been rebuilt to look a lot more significant. >> Joining the server now presents new players with a Tutorial. Completing this tutorial will give you a reward so even if you think you know everything, it might be worth spending the 60 seconds to go through it. >> New Blocks, items, and spawners have been added to the /shop >> Silk touch WILL NOT work on spawners within the nether. >> All structures have been returned to the overworld and nether.

What are our intentions for the future?I wanted to end this with a small list of the kind of things we plan both for the upcoming season, as well as during this season.
>> Weapons that make it easier to deal less damage to a mob, making taming easier. >> A revamp on how dungeons look, work, and give rewards. >> A custom resourcepack providing custom models for weapons and gear; for those who choose to use it. >> Revamp the achievements to be more linear and provide a sense of progression. >> More consumables to go with the new abilities and higher health. >> Purchasable compasses that can lead you to key locations on the map >> Wiki + Resource map of the adventure world. >> Custom natural structures.