i was banned for for auto jump what happened was that accidentally left something on my spacebar and had to go to school and forgot about it for about 8 hours and came back and saw i was banned can you please unban me sorry
I was banned a few months now for swearing and if staff could please unban me I promise I will never swear again I just really want to play on Jerome's server please I promise to the sake of my minecraft career I will never swear on minecraft ever again
Please unban me my Minecraft user is JoeyCaptain101
look I have been banned for over a month for, and I quote 'sPam'. If you could unban me that would be apreciated. Ps. If I'm still banned for a week after this message feel free to tell Jerome that you turned away one of his fans for bad server management. P.Ps. my username is noodleman2001
A few things here, 1. You don't get banned for over a month because of spam, 2. Jerome has no control over the punishments given out by the managers and mods, 3. one of the only ways you could be banned for a long period of time is by hacking or doing some form of glitch.
If u wish to be unban make a ban appeal here on the fourms
Is there a way to know why you were declined for staff?
Should say when it was rejected if not then sadly there isnt
i just got a cluescroll that makes me make a beacon
That is a very uncommon one but possible due to you being able to get a nether star from a mega cluescroll if you are lucky.